The Bubble (2022) Review & Parent guaide

The Bubble (2022) Netflix Movie  

Review and parent guaide Staring Directed by Judd Apatow Written by Judd Apatow Pam BradyStarring  Karen Gillan Iris Apatow my Prasnol Experience share with you
The Bubble (2022) Review & Parent guaide
The Bubble (2022)

The Bubble Review

Directed by 
  • Judd Apatow 
Writing Credits 
  • Judd Apatow 
  • Pam Brady 
  • Karen Gillan - Carol Cobb
  • Iris Apatow - Krystal Kris
  • Pedro Pascal - Dieter Bravo
  • Leslie Mann - Lauren Van Chance
  • David Duchovny - Dustin Mulray
  • Keegan-Michael Key - Sean Knox
  • Fred Armisen - Darren Eigan
  • Maria Bamford  
  • Kate McKinnon - Paula
  • Harry Trevaldwyn - Gunther
  • Guz Khan ... Howie Frangopolous
  • Chris Witaske - Josh
  • Maria Bakalova  
  • Dave Simon - Spark
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The Bubble Netflix Movie Review

jed apatow brings stars like karen gillan david duchovny and pedro pascal
into a fraught production this week we
check out the bubble wake up lauren come on climb for your first time free
climbing you're doing a great job there
guys okay
guys i i really think i'm gonna throw up maybe we should call the set medic they
don't like it when people throw up
should we bring them down let's just see how it plays out the bubble is the latest comedy from writer director judd apatow in this comedy he takes audiences behind the scenes of a fictional blockbuster sequel called cliff b6 not only are there egos and
eccentricities to the cast to spare there's also a pandemic going on making
the shoot an especially troubled one while behind the scenes comedies have
worked before with comedy classics like
bowfinger and waiting for guffman it takes a certain cast and script to make it work and while i've enjoyed some of
apatow's past comedies he's not the right person for this his past problems
like his comedies running too long inserting unnecessary celebrity cameos
and lazy gross out humor are all on display here for me it's a tough one to buy with movies like bowfinger or tropic thunder you believe that they were making bad movies that no one was going to see with this the movie that they're making looks like a straight to cable afternoon sci-fi film not a blockbuster that hollywood is hedging its bets on and while the cast is clearly capable of bringing some fun comedic energy the
script rarely lets them do that running
at two hours this feels more like an april fool's day prank than an actual movie i give the bubble one and a half
stars out of five
Parents guide
the bubble is rated r for constant
profanity sexual content and drug use it is streaming exclusively on netflix to
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