How to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account - New Ways to Recover your Hacked Instagram Account (2022)

has your instagram got hacked lately just like mine and you are having a hard time getting it back i know how frustrating the situation can be when you do not know what to do where to go or whom to contact to get back
your hack instagram account also instagram even after being a billion dollar company does not have
customer service well that's disappointing but let's keep the disappointment aside as in this Post i will show you an easy and direct way to recover your hack instagram Account

Recover Instagram Account

recover Instagram account
i am not going to tell you to use your phone number email address to reset the password and all that stuff because if someone will hack your instagram account they will replace your email address with theirs so this video is going to be about how you can recover your hack instagram without using your phone number or email address
all right first of all open the instagram login screen and then simply tap on get help with
logging in now here you will need to find your instagram account and for that
either enter your username email address
or phone number that is linked to your instagram account and then press next
now here you will get two options but in
case you don't have access to your email
or facebook simply tap need more help
and on the next screen if you are asked
to select your email address or phone
number to recover the password simply
tap try another way
now here you will get the request support page where you will be asked
that why can't you get into your account so your answer should be my account was
hacked press next
and here you will be asked that do you
have a photo of yourself in your account
so they will verify your account by
using your selfie video so you simply
have to select yes i have a photo of
myself in my account press next
now here you have to enter your current
email address that you can access so
that they can contact you over that
email all right so you can enter any email address that you are currently using it is not necessary to be the one that is linked to your instagram it can be any other
email address also make sure that you are using your own device you do not have to use any
unknown device otherwise you will not
get the selfie video option you will only get it on the recognized device
that you are already using for your instagram now here you
have to check into your email account
and enter the code that you have
received so that's the code i have
received now i'm gonna enter the code
once you have entered the code simply
tap confirm

next you simply have to follow some
instructions on this page you will see some
instructions how you can take a video
selfie we need a short video of you
turning your head in different
directions so simply have to take a
video selfie and that will not be stored
and will be deleted within 30 days

so press next and then you have to read
the instructions how you have to hold
your phone while taking the video and then again tap next now here you have to position your face in the circle and that's how you can
easily get back your hacked instagram so
that's how you can easily get your
instagram back instagram is kind enough
to let you give your picture or selfie
video as an option to verify that it is your account so in most of the cases
this is going to help you even if you
don't have a picture in your account but
you have your picture on display
moreover you should always keep your
instagram secure from hackers and if you
need tips for that 
below and do let me know in the comment
section that if this method worked for
you and don't forget to share this post

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