Avengers Cameo in Ms Marvel Series?

Avengers Cameo in Ms Marvel Series
Avengers Cameo in Ms Marvel Series 
kamala's fascination with the avengers appears to be at the forefront of telling the young hero's origin it remains to be seen if actual members of earth's mightiest heroes will show up in brief cameos to further strengthen the show's ties to the larger mcu the fact that ms marvel's stretching powers will not be featured in the show might fuel
discussions online amongst die hard fans however it's safe to assume that there is a valid plot point that explains the major difference from the characters history especially considering that this is not the first time that the mcu has reckoned the comics still it's possible that brie larson's captain marvel or monica rambo would show up in either a post-credits scene or glorified cameos to directly connect to kamala's
appearance in the marvels

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